The July Journal

From Hindsight... to Insight.

A Mental Health space. A Diary. A Paper Trail. Stories and Writings told in vivid detail to bring awareness to mental health and personal accountability... surrounded by a few funny moments along the way. 

THE JULY JOURNAL will be the space I bear my soul...

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Cathartic Introductions.

I would like it to be at least. If not, at least a proper introduction and the purifying comes later in the idea of why I decided to...


Thank You ...

I appreciate you for stopping by to read something I took time to write. I hope that my past grants you some resemblence of peace thruough perception. Hindsight into Insight. 

We are all trying to figure this thing out together, and maybe some of my experiences can help you navigate some of yours.

Share it with someone else. 

- July

Northside Bessemer, Al

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